Social Me Workshop #7

Recently, I attended The Social Me Workshop #7, which focused on social media trends in 2012, but not only. I am glad I visited and got the chance to hear some up to date information on the subject and meet professionals in the field. In this post I will summarize the most interesting points from the conference. Social media statistics and tips, particular for the Bulgarian market, are hard to come by. These are up to date as of February, 2012.

The latest social media trends in Bulgaria:

  • Most companies have adopted the social media channel in order to keep up with their competitors. This seems to be a major motivator for Bulgarian companies.
  • Facebook and other social media have grown into arenas for influence. Brands are constantly paying attention to what their competitors are doing and comparing it to what they themselves are doing.
  • Social Media Marketing is increasingly being seen as important, and companies are ready to invest substantial amounts as compared to two years ago.
  • Larger investments in social media marketing do not guarantee successful communication. To be successful, every brand needs a good social media strategy plan.
  • Bulgarians have an average of 272 friends on Facebook.
  • Women are much more interactive on social networks.

Some common mistakes that companies in Bulgaria make:

  • A high number of fans is the main goal or objective of their social media communication. They forget that interaction with fans is also very important. 70-80% of fans of a Facebook page do not see a post unless something unusual there is a high number of interactions. Also, a post lasts an average of 3 hours, again depending on the number of interactions it receives.
  • Corporate pages are often managed by incompetent people. This is true even of large Bulgarian brands.

Other statistics and tips:

  • Do not try to have a profile on every social network out there. Focus on the ones used by your target audience. Social media is a part of the marketing mix and just another communication channel. Remember that and keep the resources you invest into social media marketing under control.
  • There is no product or idea that everyone will like, so expect negative feedback. 33% of people will like you, 33% will not, and 33% will not care. I am not sure about the accuracy of this statistic, but it should be considered anyway.
  • 95% of internet users only consume information, 4% react to it (share, comment, send to friends), and 1% are creators of content.

The 1% of content creators hold the major influence on the internet, and I am surprised by how low this number is. I believe this number should increase and see it as an opportunity for myself, as well as for brands looking to communicate with their customers.

In the next few posts, I will look at the trends and statistics above in more detail and will try to provide more tips.



Author: Kiril Hristov

An internet marketing specialist with a passion for music and other art.

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