Online Advertising Trends

This post is based on the study by Google: What’s Trending in Display for Publishers? It addresses some of the following questions:

Which website types generated the most impressions and showed impression growth? (pgs. 10-11)

Arts & entertainment websites ranked 1st in impressions, meaning they generated the most ad displays, and also had a decent impression growth rate of 11%. Although Online Communities ranked second in number of impressions, their impression growth was -21%. Business & Industrial websites also suffered a negative impression growth of 25%.

The rest of the website categories seem to be growing in popularity, some more than others.

Which countries generate the most impressions? (pgs. 16-17)

The graph on pages 16 and 17 shows impressions by country in percentages. North America (US 24.7% and Canada 2.2% of worldwide impressions) and Europe together generate about half of the worlds impressions and remain the main players in the online advertising business. Asia generates about another 20% of worldwide impressions.

I am surprised by the massive amount of impressions generated by the US. No other country comes even close to that number, even tough China for example has more internet users. There must be a lot of power users in the US together with a very well developed advertising market.

I also can’t help but notice that Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe are gray areas (included in the other 12.8% figure), which means that no country in these regions comes even close to 1% of global as impressions. This strikes me as an opportunity for all kinds of internet businesses, as more people in these regions are introduced to the internet and more of them begin using it more intensely. We’re bound to see more color on the map in these regions in the coming years. Egypt for example, had 45% ad impression growth in 2011 and is definitely one of the countries to watch.

Which ad sizes are growing in popularity? (pgs 24-25)

A few things are clear from this part of the Google study. 300×250, 728×90 and 160×600 remain the most popular banner sizes, as the   y account for about 80% of all ad impressions worldwide. The once popular 468×60 banner is losing popularity and may soon become extinct. Mobile banner sizes are showing rocketing growth.

I was most surprised by the performance of the 468×60 banner, but I guess it’s a size right in the middle, never big or small enough. The solution of putting their message through lies in other banner sizes for marketers. However, I wish we could be moving away from traditional banners as a whole. I wonder what the alternatives are and maybe will look into it for a later blog post. Also, I’ll be glad to hear what anyone has to say on the matter.


Author: Kiril Hristov

An internet marketing specialist with a passion for music and other art.

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