Characteristics of Effective Advertising

For some time I’ve wanted to write brief analyses of advertising campaigns I like, so I’ve begun by briefly defining  what I think makes them effective. Expect to see some “fun” content on the blog soon, including print, TV and even radio advertising campaigns.

Strategic – Messages delivered by all advertisements need to be consistent with the goals of the company’s overall marketing strategy. Advertising aims to elicit a certain reaction toward the product or company and people react or change their thoughts/behavior only if they believe they will benefit from doing so. Therefore, the marketing strategy deals with the company’s broad positioning and customer value strategies, while advertising communicates them through specific, consistent and planned messages.

Wanted – Building on the above mentioned concepts, advertising needs to cater to customer’s needs, wants and values. It is vital for marketers to find the needs of customers and address them, rather than their own views and values.

Interesting – It’s getting harder to grab the attention of consumers, because they are constantly exposed to more and different information stimuli. Interest can be achieved through creativity and the use of different techniques, which can be the subject of numerous posts, but here we’ll only state the obvious: advertising needs to be heard/seen by consumers in order to be effective. Here are some fun mini-infographics I saw recently on Ads of the World.

Strategic, Wanted and Interesting (SWI) seem to me describe the most important characteristics of advertising. Of course, they miss out on some important points, like measuring and using feedback to create a learning loop, but they will do for the brief analyses of advertising campaigns that I have planned.


Author: Kiril Hristov

An internet marketing specialist with a passion for music and other art.

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