I am Kiril Hristov and this is my personal blog about professional matters in the internet and marketing fields. I am relatively new to the world of business, being responsible for the marketing operations at GloBiz ITG for the past 2 years and holding a BA in Business Administration. That makes a total of 6 years of continuous learning and working with interesting people in business and marketing.

I am fascinated and inspired by the way the internet is changing the world, and especially businesses. New business models are emerging from every part of the globe, along with new ways to market them. Everyone with an internet connection is equipped to communicate with millions of people, but that does not necessarily make it easier. Now, more than ever, you must be saying something that people really want to hear.

Therefore, I will be trying hard to discuss the most interesting and useful ideas concerning the web, marketing, and business as a whole. I hope many of you join in and share your views.


Get in touch by writing to khristov3 at gmail or by using the Linked-in/Twitter profiles I’ve provided in the footer.