Outdoor Campaign Gets Down to Roachville

TBWA \ South Africa’s Roachville is the first campaign I’d like to feature on the blog. It made me smile and I think it has all the features needed to be effective. Continue reading “Outdoor Campaign Gets Down to Roachville”


Characteristics of Effective Advertising

For some time I’ve wanted to write brief analyses of advertising campaigns I like, so I’ve begun by briefly defining  what I think makes them effective. Expect to see some “fun” content on the blog soon, including print, TV and even radio advertising campaigns. Continue reading “Characteristics of Effective Advertising”

Online Advertising Trends

This post is based on the study by Google: What’s Trending in Display for Publishers? It addresses some of the following questions:

Which website types generated the most impressions and showed impression growth? (pgs. 10-11)

Arts & entertainment websites ranked 1st in impressions, meaning they generated the most ad displays, and also had a decent impression growth rate of 11%. Although Online Communities ranked second in number of impressions, their impression growth was -21%. Business & Industrial websites also suffered a negative impression growth of 25%. Continue reading “Online Advertising Trends”